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At we pride ourselves in providing the best used golf balls available at a competitive price. We have four grades of golf balls available.

Mint or AAAAA
Mint quality is the best available grade. These balls are like new, they will show no or very little wear and will maintain the original color and sheen. These will include small player( sharpie or felt pen) markings, team and corporate logo. It is hard to believe they are used! Also known as One-Hit Wonders. X-out and practice balls are NOT included

Grade A or Near Mint or AAAA
Near mint will have slighlty noticeable imperfections, generally how a new ball would look after 1-3 holes of golf. There may be slight discoloration and minor cosmetic blemishes, which does not compromise the flight characteristics of the golf ball. These balls will include small player(sharpie or felt pen) markings, team and corporate logo. These balls will not include X-OUT or Practice. These golf balls are the best value buy for budget minded golfers

Grade B or AAA+ (Good Quality)
Very playable, good condition, may include moderate surface blemishes, slight scuffs, minor discoloration which will not affect the trajectory, distance or flight path of the ball. Ball will not have cuts. Higher grade Parctice and X-OUT models may be included. These golf balls will include player(sharpie or felt pen) markings, team and corporate logo. How a new ball would look after 9 holes of golf. Very playable, good condition golf balls.

Grade C or AA (Practice Quality)
These golf balls are cosmetically challenged, the AA grade used golf ball may look worn, discolored, blemished and scuffed. These are great for beginners, first timers or they can be used as practice balls for the avid golfer. These balls will include player(sharpie or felt pen) markings, team and corporate logo.

Grade D Used Golf Balls
Are very cosmetically challenged. Will have major surface blemishes, major discoloration, and may even be cut or out-of-round. We do not recommend playing a round of golf with these but they are perfect for practice or hitting where you do not need to get them back!

All of our golf balls are cleaned using a special process - we like to call it "The 'Par 5' Program". Very few of our golf balls were found in water hazards. We have spared no expense finding the finest suppliers in this great nation.

We do sell golf balls for driving ranges. Although we do not carry striped balls, we can make you a great deal on good quality used golf balls or range balls.

We guarantee all of our golf balls. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of your order, we will gladly replace them or issue a refund.

If there are any special requests or needs, please do not hesitate to pick up the telephone and give us a call. We are anxious to hear from you and look forward to becoming your golf source for many years to come.

 The Par 5 Program 

At it is our goal to provide our customers with the highest quality golf balls possible. Of course, we want your shopping experience to be fantastic, but your 100% satisfaction with the quality of our products is the most important item of business everyday at This is why we have developed the process we like to call "The 'Par 5' Program".  The name of this program is a direct correlation to the number of steps it takes for our staff to guarantee the quality of our products.

  • SOAK - Upon arrival at our facility all balls are off loaded into hoppers containing a special revitalizing compound / water mixture. The balls soak in this mixture overnight. During this time the balls will regain color, excess ink is being removed, etc. After the soak has run it's course, the balls are hoisted and drained and allowed to dry.

  • WASH - After the soak and dry, all balls are run through an industrial ball washer to remove the revitalizing mixture and all that had been loosened by it. This wash is the second and final step in the process.

  • GRADE - After the wash, all golf balls are loaded into special hoppers attached to customized grading tables. Specially trained technicians use 400x magnifying glasses with special lights to give each ball a grade of  Mint, Grade A, Grade B

  • SORT - The balls are then loaded into another set of hoppers attached to customized sorting tables. From the hoppers the balls flow onto the table where a trained extinction divides them up according to brand and make of each ball. There is also a rough grading taking place in this step by which all Grade 3 golf balls are separated from the remaining stock.

  • FINAL INSPECTION - Before the balls are packaged, each dozen is given a final inspection to assure 100% quality.